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   Zion Global Technologies Private Limited

Zion Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging software company (www.ZionGlobal.co.in) based out of Chennai, INDIA. Zion Global is primarily focusing on cloud connected mobile applications in iOS, Android & Windows 8 platforms and also on Web and Windows Form based applications.

Our Approach:

We study the common problems and build a reliable Product as a solution.
We understand our customer requirements preciously and solve them innovatively. Our deliverables are on-time with beyond expectation!

We, Zion Global Technologies Private Limited has a record of humble beginning with high aspirations to achieve goals even that cannot be imagined. We have talented management & technical teams who have vast industrial experience on cutting edge technologies in mobility and software development & maintenance. We have knowledge on the entire Software Development Life Cycle processes which keeps us apart to provide services to any stages of the life cycle. We also have wide spread of domain expertise with hands on expertise in the space of,

Workflow Management and​
Application Technology / Platform Conversion etc.

We always identify the business need of our customers and provide solutions that best matches for their requirement. With the architecture and standard we follow, our code can be decoupled easily but not the relationship with our customers. We give extra care for our customer relationships, and we have started our company with passion and not with the motive of plundering.

The Management

We have our talented management team with,
Wide Industrial Expertise
Qualified Skills
Sound Technical Knowledge
Motivational Spirit

Our Priority

Our most important responsibility is keeping our customers happy at all the times.
We do all the communications promptly with transparent.
Instead of we speak, we always want our customers to speak for us.

Upward Lift

We organize our plans & goals to steer the organization with positive thinking leaving behind the drag that counter act on us.
 We constantly fuel our team with valuable thoughts & technical updates which provides more space for our employees to grow.